Imprisoning children? Nah. We must do better

trauma Feb 10, 2023

Attempted suicide, self harm, over/under eating or compulsive 'anything' can; viewed through a trauma lens; be seen as ways of alleviating the overwhelming emotional pain felt in that moment. 

Most of society doesn't see this 'negative' behaviour as the best strategy that person has in that minute. Most don't understand that moment by moment we are each doing the best we can with the resources (skills, talents, beliefs, sense of self, emotional regulation, energy, time) available to us. How we are doing is judged by our behaviour and what we say. 

The more we can resource ourselves internally, by shrinking limiting beliefs (I'm bad, worthless, stupid, unwanted, etc) and developing useful self regulation skills to sleep better, calm quicker and be slower to anger or sink into despair; the more functional and balanced we become. 

Strengthening the inner self has dramatic effects. Melting trauma is priceless.

Being locked up is hugely dysregulating and terrifying for a child. The opposite of resourcing. 

As a society we must learn to understand the root cause of 'challenging behaviour'. As Charles Dickens observed: lock ups ain't the answer.


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