Helen Oakwater (Founder-FAB Parents) is a frequent and popular conference speaker who always receives outstanding feedback.

The presentation she delivered to IFCO 18th World Conference in Sydney, Australia can be seen below. Delivered in her characteristic storytelling, dynamic and visual way, this 13-minute video offers insight into the legacy of trauma.

What lurks below the behaviour you observe in a hurt child?

Live streamed Keynote Presentation to New South Wales Child Protection conference. Meet Sandy, Tamie and Tim who are in the same class. Why do they all respond differently to a teacher’s request?

Future proofing your adoptive family

What is Trauma Triggered Behaviour? Helen Oakwater explains

Sledge Metaphor

Placing siblings for adoption or LTFC. Complexity & Ramifications of Disregulation

Child Development: Overview Normal and Distorted

TIM Single Incident

Bubble Wrap Metaphor

Frame Setting


The presentation offers a new model and way of thinking about the impact of prenatal alcohol and/or maltreatment on children. Put simply prenatal alcohol causes irreversible brain damage (“swiss cheese brain”) while maltreatment causes the brain to be wired for trauma and threat.


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